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Kentucky Fried Chicken Welcome

Kentucky Fried Chicken Welcome Advertising Button Museum
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Kentucky Fried Chicken Welcome button back Advertising Button Museum
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Red illustration of a man's head wearing glasses and with a beard and mustache over red text on a white background.

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This button is for Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Kentucky Fried Chicken was founded by Harland David Sanders during the Great Depression when Shell Oil Company offered Sanders a service station in exchange for a percentage of the total fuel sales.  Sanders began serving Fried Chicken from the service station to the locals and a nearby residential areas.  Sanders recognized the potential for his Kentucky style fried chicken and opened his first restaurant.  In the mid 1930's, then Governor of Kentucky- Ruby Laffoon, commissioned Sanders as the Kentucky Colonel.  By the mid 1950's, Kentucky Fried Chicken was franchised and the first chain of restaurants opened in Utah.  Sanders branded himself as Colonel Sanders and the face of all Kentucky Fried Chicken advertising.  In 1964, Sanders sold the company to a group of investors but stayed on as a goodwill ambassador and face of Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Even after Sanders death, the company still uses Colonel Sanders and the original images in their advertising campaigns.

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