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Kris Kross Sunset

Kris Kross Sunset Music Button Museum
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Kris Kross Sunset button back Music Button Museum
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Photograph of the two members of Kris Kross wearing Yankee's and Knicks jerseys. Band logo in light red centered on lower portion of button. Orange/pink sunset background. 

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1992 Kris Kross, Inc. Button Exchange/OSP 200 Diversion, Ste, G11 Rochester

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Kris Kross was a rap duo active inthe 1990s. Its members, Mac Daddy (Chris Kelly) and Daddy Mac (Chris Smith) fully reflect the name, as evidenced by their chosen titles and their clothing style, which consisted of wearing clothes backwords. The 1992 song "Jump" was their most successful, holding the Billboard number one spot for eight weeks. Children of the 1990s will also remember them for the Nickelodean "Rugrats Rap."

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