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Kvasir 2005

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Kvasir 2005 back Event Busy Beaver Button Museum
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K V A S I R 2005
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Illustration of a mythological Viking holding a spear in his left hand and a tankard of an alcoholic beverage on his right hand with black text below on a white background. 

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Breweries like Dogfish Head and Borg Brugghús independently developed beers that they both call Kvasir. Dogfish Head’s Kvasir is based on chemical compounds found in a 3,500-year-old Danish drinking jug that was unearthed from a priestess’ tomb. The recipe puts a new twist on an ancient ale and calls for wheat, cranberries, honey, and birch syrup, to name a few ingredients.

The name Kvasir derives from Norse mythology. As the wisest man in the world, it was only fitting that Kvasir was a traveling poet who shared his wisdom with others. His encounter with the dwarfs Fjalar and Galar, however, spelled doom for the journeyman. Kvasir was killed, and his blood was subsequently drained and mixed with honey to create the Mead of Poetry. Legend has it that for those lucky enough to take a sip of this mixture, the gift of poetry and wisdom would be bestowed.


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