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L.A. County Fair

L.A. County Fair Events Button Museum
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Multi-color illustration of a well-dressed pig waving and holding a box with black text. Edge has yellow lines highlighting the image on a white background.

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The first Los Angeles County Fair was held for five days in October in 1922. Each of the 49,461 attendees paid 50 cents for entry. The fair has since lengthened and moved into September. The fair didn’t run from 1942 through 1947 when the grounds were used by the United States Army during World War II. In 1948 when the fair reopened, Thummer the pig was introduced as its first official mascot. He was named through a contest and his outstretched hoof is thought to make it look like he is hitchhiking to the fair. Two other mascots have since joined Thummer. Daisy the cow debuted in 2003, and Lilly the lamb was introduced in 2004.

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