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La Guerre n'est Bonne

La Guerre n'est Bonne Cause Button Museum
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La Guerre n'est Bonne button back Cause Button Museum
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La guerre n'est bonne ni pour les enfants ni pour d'autres etres vivants
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Illustration of a blue and red flower next to black text on a white background with yellow and red lines around the outer edge 

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The French writing on the button translates in English to: War is neither good for children nor for other living beings. This phrase was embraced by the group Another Mother for Peace (AMP) during the 1960s. The phrase is more commonly found printed with the group’s trademarked Sunflower logo.  The US based group was opposed to the Vietnam War and encouraged people, specifically women, to write to their elected government officials about their desire for peace. The group was inactive from 1986-2003. When tensions in the Middle East led to war between the United States and Iraq, the group reactivated. Both Germany and France were opposed to the Iraq War and embraced the AMP slogan.

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