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Lake Wales Shuffleboard & Tourist Club

Lake Wales Shuffleboard & Tourist Club Club Button Museum
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Lake Wales Shuffleboard & Tourist Club button back Club Button Museum
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Illustration of a brown and blue shuffleboard surrounded by blue uppercase text along the outer edge of the button on a white background.

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The Lake Wales Shuffleboard and Tourist Club began in 1920 and the club buildings were constructed in 1932 in Lake Wales, Florida. The club, a nonprofit organization, has brought thousands of tourists to the Lake Wales area for many years. An article appeared in the Lakeland Ledger on February 26, 1961 that announced a shuffleboard tournament. The 25th annual Nation Tower Shuffleboard Tournament was to take place at the Lake Wales Tourist Club. The article explained that “nearly 100 clubs [were] expected to send representatives to the meet . . . [and that] prizes [would] go to the first four places in the championship bracket.” (pg. 3-A). The club continues to operate today. Historic images of the Lake Wales Tourist Club can be seen here on the flickr account created by the Lake Wales Public Library. 

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