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Led Zeppelin Swan Song

Led Zeppelin Swan Song Music Button Museum
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Led Zeppelin Swan Song button back Music Button Museum
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Yellow text over an illustration of a figure with wings on a black background

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The British band Led Zeppelin formed their own music label, Swan Song, in 1974. The logo featured here is a simplified version of Swan Song’s (though it is heavily associated with Led Zeppelin), and it is based on art by William Rimmer. Rimmer’s painting, Evening: Fall of Day, depicts the winged figure of Apollo, rising at sunset into the sky. Apollo is often misidentified as Lucifer, Icarus, or Daedalus.

Swan Song released music by Led Zeppelin, but the band members were also interested in promoting other artists who hadn't had much luck in the music industry. After its launch, Swan Song released albums by Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, and Pretty Things, among others.


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