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LifeBuoy Soap League of Health Guards

LifeBuoy Soap League of Health Guards Club Button Museum
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LifeBuoy Soap League of Health Guards button back Button Museum
LifeBuoy Soap League of Health Guards Ad Jan. 22, 1937 The Age
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An orange circle with yellow text surrounded by a yellow border. Orange text arches on the border also.

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Lifebuoy Soap is the second oldest soap brand and was introduced by the Lever Brothers in 1895.  In the newspaper The Age, on November 22, 1937, there appears an advertisement for the Lifebuoy Soap League of Health Guards. The advertisement appears on page 3 in the Women’s Section. The ad states “MOTHERS! See that your children join the LIFEBUOY LEAGUE OF HEALTH GUARDS now!” By joining the league children will be encouraged to stay clean and healthy and avoid infections. The members are encouraged to stay healthy by “sign[ing] a promise to maintain health and cleanliness, and to avoid the danger of dirt and germs by washing regularly with Lifebuoy Medicated Health Soap.” Once they have joined the children will receive a certificate and a “red and yellow enameled badge with silvery wings.” 

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