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The Lively Ones Your Ford Dealers

The Lively Ones Your Ford Dealers Advertising Button Museum
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The Lively Ones Your Ford Dealers button back Advertising Button Museum
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Dixieland band with matching red and white striped uniforms playing music with text on the bass drum on a white background.

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“The Lively Ones” was an advertising campaign for Ford that started with their 1962 models. The “Lively Ones” refers to the cars. In the early 1960s the phrasing varied including “The Liveliest of the Lively Ones!” and“See the Lively Ones at your local Ford dealer’s”. The Dealers wore red and white striped jackets and a plastic hat (as pictured on the button). By 1967 there were ads with “See the Lively Ones…Your Ford Dealers” along with the image that is seen on this button of what looks like a band. 

“Early Mustang Memorabilia.” Mustang 360, Mustang 360,

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