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Love and Rockets So Alive

Love and Rockets So Alive Music Button Museum
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Love and Rockets So Alive button back Music Button Museum
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Black text on a white background. The image displays a black rocket with a white heart that has wings. 

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Love and Rockets was a band that was very popular in the 1980s. Members included Daniel Ash on guitar and lead vocals, David J on bass guitar and vocals, and Kevin Haskins on drums. Kevin and David J are brothers, and they met Daniel in kindergarten. They started a band as teenagers in their hometown of Northampton, England. For a few short years from the late 1970s to 1983, they formed a band called Bauhaus. After 1983, they became Love and Rockets, and debuted their first album in Great Britain in 1985, though it did not arrive in the US until after the release of their second album, “Express”, which reached 72 on the US charts. It wasn’t until their fourth self-titled album in 1989 that the band achieved success, when their single “So Alive” hit number three on the Billboard’s singles charts and the video played frequently on MTV. They released seven albums before breaking up in 1999 and reformed briefly in 2007 for a few live shows, before splitting again in 2009.

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