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LSI Logic Corporation

LSI Logic Corporation Advertising Button Back
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Gray and blue text around illustration of a cyber pac-man with two squares shooting forward from his mouth on white background.

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This is a promotional button for LSI Logic Corporation - an electronics company that specializes in data storage and computing. 
LSI was founded in 1981 in Milpitas, California by Wilfred Corrigan, Mitchell Bohn, Bill O'Meaa and, Rob Walker. Corrigan, the lead founder, served as CEO up until 2005. From the start, the company has been high invested in having a IPO of $ 153 million when it went public in 1983. Although the company has done major deals internationally with a variety of companies it is most popularly known for the work it performed in agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment. The popular Sony game system, The Playstation, had its CPU chip (a singular chip) fitted by LSI. 
Avago, a company from Singapore, officially announced in early 2014 it will be acquiring LSI for a total of about $6.5 billion.

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