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Made in America Club

Made in America Club Button Museum
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Made in America Club button back Button Museum
Made in America Club Member Pledge Card
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An illustration of of a blue star on a white background with white text on a red background circling the star. 

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Union Label (lay on opposite sides of an oval).

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On March 4, 1933 the Olean Times Herald ran a full-page article about the Made in America Club. The club was founded during the Great Depression to promote the manufacturing and purchase of American made products with American grown or harvested resources. The efforts of the club helped to boost the economy and provide jobs for the unemployed. The article that ran on page ten of the Olean Times insists that “whether it’s a box of matches or a barrel of oil; whether it costs pennies or dollars—be sure that the product you buy was made or grown in America. It’s your duty to your nation, your family and yourself.” Each member of the club had to sign a pledge card with the following oath:
I hereby pledge myself to buy, so far as is practicable, only products made or grown in America, by American labor, of American materials—and thereby protect my job, give work to my fellow Americans, and maintain the American standard of wages. 

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