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Mary Poppins is a U.F.O.

Mary Poppins is a U.F.O. Advertising Button Museum
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Mary Poppins is a U.F.O. button back Advertising Button Museum
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mary poppins IS A U. F. O.
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Pink and white text on an orange and white background

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This psychedelically-themed button which declares “Mary Poppins is a U.F.O.” was part of RC (Royal Crown) Cola’s “Mad, Mad Taste” commercial campaign of the 1960s. Many other collectable buttons were produced as part of the campaign and professed similarly humorous phrases including: “Superman Wears Suspenders”, “Red Baron is a Fink”, and “Michelangelo Painted by Numbers”. Royal Crown Cola was developed in 1905 by pharmacist Claude Hatcher and boasted many soda industry firsts including the use of an aluminum “pop-top” can and the first diet cola product - Diet Rite. In the 1950s, the drink became popularly known in the American South as “the working man’s lunch” when paired with a Moon Pie. The official slogan for RC Cola in 1967 became: "RC Cola – The One with the Mad, Mad Taste!”. Promotion for the beverage was achieved through television spots and a special starring the popular singer, Nancy Sinatra, who performed a song containing the cola’s new slogan, as well as these collectable counter-culture buttons. 


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