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Is That A Mask

Is That A Mask Ice Breakers Button Museum
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Is That A Mask button back Ice Breakers Button Museum
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Is that a mask or your real face?
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Orange text on a black background.

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The button was made by Russ Berrie and Company, founded by Russ Berrie in 1963. They specialized in baby and juvenile products and was indeed incredibly successful. The button was produced to elicit humor. The company also manufactured sold a wide variety of gift items that included stuffed animals, mugs, picture frames, and various accessories. Berrie believed their products needed to change according to consumer needs, and this ideology is the key to success.They expanded internationally and owned factories in Taiwan, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, France, and other countries. However Russ Berrie and Company faced financial difficulties in 2005, and the majority of its stake was sold to Prentice Capital Management. After the deal, Prentice Capital Management will become the largest shareholder of Russ Berrie and Company. 

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