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Max Headroom

Max Headroom Entertainment Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Max Headroom back Entertainment Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Color image of Max Headroom in a black suit and wearing black sunglasses. Image is over a black background with green lined hexagons. Text appears on the center left side of button with a red, yellow, and black border. 

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Portrayed by Canadian-American actor Matt Frewer, Max Headroom was a character originally conceived for the 1985 British film Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future. Billed as "the world's first computer-generated TV host", the character went on to star in his own television show that was broadcast in the US on the cable channel Cinemax. He appeared in the recording and the video for the song "Paranoimia" by the band Art of Noise, which received extensive airplay on MTV in 1986. Also that year, Max Headroom became the official spokesman of Coca-Cola's New Coke. 

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