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Mayor Bilandic

Mayor Bilandic Political Button Museum
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Mayor Bilandic button back Political Button Museum
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MAYOR Bilandic
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White text on blue background with a red outer edge

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Michael Bilandic was Mayor of Chicago in the late 1970s. Originally a lawyer, Bilandic entered politics by becoming an alderman representing the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago. After Mayor Richard J. Daley’s death in 1976 in the middle of his term, Bilandic was chosen to take the place of mayor until an election could be held. Bilandic ran in the 1977 election to hold the position of mayor for the remaining two years of what had originally been Mayor Daley’s term, where this button likely came from. Bilandic won, holding the position from 1977 to 1979. The two years that Bilandic spent as mayor were turbulent, characterized by strikes, a bombing in City Hall, riots, and a blizzard. Bilandic ran to be Mayor of Chicago again in 1979, but was beaten by Jane Byrne, after which he returned to local politics and was elected to the Illinois Supreme Court in 1990, where he served for ten years before retiring.

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