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Mazel Tov Jeff

Mazel Tov Jeff Music Button Museum
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Mazel Tov Jeff button back Music Button Museum
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Blue background with a photograph of Jeff Tweedy's head inside a red circle in the center with white text above and below it.

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The image is of Jeff Tweedy (1967- ), singer and song writer for the Chicago-based alt-country group Wilco. Between 1995 and 2011, Wilco released eight studio albums and four albums in collaboration with Billy Bragg (1957- ), an English folk singer and songwriter.  The collaborative albums were their interpretations of unreleased Woody Guthrie songs.  

Wilco has been nominated for six Grammy Awards and has one two, both for A Ghost Is Born.  The group's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was considered on of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time by Rolling Stone magazine.  Wilco formed in the aftermath of Jay Farrar's (1966- ) departure from the critically-acclaimed and influential band Uncle Tupelo (1987-1994).  


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