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Meat Head for President

Meat Head for President Smiley Button Museum
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Meat Head for President button back Political Button Museum
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Smiley face button with red text for eyes and nose and blue text under the mouth, which is filled with red, white and blue stripes. The hair is blue with white stars. 

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1972 Empathy Graphics N.Y.C.

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"Meathead" refers to what Archie Bunker would call his son-in-law, Mike Stivic, on the popular television sitcom All in the Family. Archie was a grumpy World War II veteran and blue collar conservative who was known for his bigoted opinions and resistance to change. He was often at odds with his daughter, Gloria, and her liberal husband, Mike.

To tie into the 1972 election between Richard Nixon and George McGovern, All in the Family was promoted with election-themed merchandise. 

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