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Meet Us at Forest Park

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Blue text next to an illustration of two men in suits and hats walking with a long stride on a yellow background.

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“Mutt and Jeff” was a comic strip that ran from 1907-1981 in the San Francisco Chronicle, making it the oldest continuous comic strip. The serial was started by Bud Fisher in 1907, who then brought on Al Smith in 1932 to help with drawing. Al Smith took on the whole comic strip when Bud Fisher passed away in 1954.

Forest Park was an amusement park in Forest Park, Illinois, from 1908-1922. It was home to the longest, highest, and fastest coaster in the United States at the time. The roller coaster was known at the Giant Safety Coaster. In 1911, Mutt and Jeff were the chosen costume characters for the park. They could be found visiting with the guests twice a day, once in the afternoon and once in the evening.


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