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Minnesota Rose Bowl Tour

Minnesota Rose Bowl Tour Event Button Museum
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Minnesota Rose Bowl Tour button back Event Button Museum
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Shaped like a football, it is gold in color and resembles a football in design. There is dark red text surrounding a clear space where a name tag would be seen. Connected to the button are one gold and one red ribbon

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The 1962 Rose Bowl took place on January 1, 1962 and was between the Minnesota Golden Gophers and the UCLA Bruins. It was an unusual game because the Big Ten conference winner, Ohio State, declined to play. The invitation was then extended to the number two team, Minnesota. The game was the first college football game to be broadcast nationally in color. Minnesota defeated the Bruins 21-3. This was Minnesota's only Rose Bowl appearance, making them the Big Ten team with the longest time since a playing in the Rose Bowl. Sandy Stephens, the Minnesota quarterback, was named MVP for the game, becoming the first African American to win the award.

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