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Mixed Up Kid

Mixed Up Kid Advertising Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Mixed Up Kid back Advertising Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Mixed-up Kid
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Black text and illustration of a confused baby goat (aka kid) on an orange background.

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Armour Star Franks

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This is one out of the "breezy button" collection from Armour Star meat packing company. The buttons were given free in every package of Armour franks (hot dogs) during the 1950s. The collection had 24 buttons, each with a catchy "breezy slogan."

Armour and Company was founded in Chicago in 1867 by Philip Danforth Armour. It's success made Chicago's meat packing industry the central meat packing location for the country and helped the city of Chicago grow in prominence.


Armour Star. (1955, August 14). Collect these...breezy buttons you get one free in every package of new Armour Star franks [Advertisement]. Chicago Daily Tribune, G10.

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