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Morocco Flag

Morocco Flag Advertising Button Museum
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Morocco Flag button back Advertising Button Museum
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The plain red flag was first used by Morocco under the Alaouite Dynasty. The color red holds many meanings for the Moroccan nation.  Red is one of the official colors of Islam, Morocco’s official religion and is further used to represent the Moroccan royal dynasty. Today a green five pointed star is featured on the flag representing the star of Soloman.

Designed and manufactured by Whitehead & Hoag Co. advertisers like Sweet Caporal cigarettes were able to insert their own backings to this button. Sweet Caporal was a brand of cigarettes created by the Kinney Brothers Tobacco Company in 1878 and sold to the American Tobacco Company in 1911.  Sweet Caporal was a very popular brand, especially in Canada during the early part of the 20th Century.  In 1908, 50% of cigarette sales in Canada were comprised of the Sweet Caporal brand.

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