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Namibia Victory is Certain

Namibia Victory is Certain Cause Button Museum
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Namibia Victory is Certain button back Cause Button Museum
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Grey button with blue, red and green text. An image of black hands breaking free from chains appears on the button. 

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The South West Africa People’s Organization (SWAPO) was a national liberation movement in Namibia and is a major political party in the country today. It was founded on April 19, 1960, by Andimba Toivo ya Toivo and Sam Nujoma. During the Namibian War for Independence, the SWAPO became the major force that fought South African attacks and was recognized by the U.N., in 1972, as “legitimate representative” of the Namibian people. The Namibian War for Independence ended in 1988 and its first election was held in 1990. The country elected Sam Nujoma as its first president. Since then, the SWAPO has been the governing party of the country; in 2014, it received nearly 87% of the popular vote.

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