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Nixon Drinks Ripple

Nixon Drinks Ripple Cause Button Museum
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Nixon Drinks Ripple button back Cause Button Museum
Nixon Drinks Ripple Green Cause Button Museum
Nixon Drinks Ripple Green button back Cause Button Museum
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Nixon Drinks Ripple Boycott Gallo Wines
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Black text on a yellow background with an outline of a man holding a glass of wine with a small eagle logo below.

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union bug

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Between 1965 and 1970, members of the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee and the Mexican-American National Farmworker's Association combined to create the United Farm Workers of America (UFW) in order to demand wages equal to minimum wage. By the end of the five year strike, the UFW and table grape growers came to a collective bargaining agreement. However, during this strike, President Richard Nixon declared his support of the grape growers, which caused tension between him and the UFW. In response, the UFW came up with phrases such as "Nixon Drinks Ripple" and encouraged people to boycott certain wines.

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