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No Flag Burning

No Flag Burning Cause Button Museum
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No Flag Burning button back Cause Button Museum
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Illustration of an American flag and a lit match with a red no symbol 

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copyright 1990 M&N International, Inc.

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This button is against the buring of the American flag. In 1989, (Texas v. Johnson) and in 1990 (U.S v. Eichman), the United States Supreme Court ruled that due to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, it is unconstitutional for a government to prohibit the desecration of a flag, due to the freedom of “symbolic speech.” In 1990, Congress tried to pass a federal law barring flag burning, but the Supreme Court denied it. A Flag Desecration Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has been proposed repeatedly since 1989, but in 2006 failed to pass. 

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