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Nobody Loves a Fat Man

Nobody Loves a Fat Man Advertising Button Museum
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Nobody Loves a Fat Man button back Advertising Button Museum
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Nobody loves a fat man
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White text on red background.

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The Favorite Cigarettes Factory No. 42 4th District, N.C. The Whitehead & Hoag Co. Newark, N.J. Patented July 21, 1896.

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This pinback was given out as a premium when a package of Favorite Cigarettes was purchased. The phrase "Nobody loves a fat man" was made popular in 1907 by the Broadway play The Round Up. The slogan became a kind of proverb during the first half of the twentieth century and was used often in advertisements.  

Favorite Cigarettes were first manufactured in 1886 in Richmond, Virginia by the Pace and Sizer Tobacco Company and the ownership of the cigarettes would change multiple times until production was ceased. The company that manufactured this particular pinback, Whitehead and Hoag Co., was one of the largest manufacturers of buttons during the late 19th century.  

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