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Nowhere Else But Minnesota

Nowhere Else But Minnesota Advertising Button Museum
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Nowhere Else But Minnesota button back Advertising Button Museum
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Nowhere else but MINNESOTA
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Red bold text on white background. 

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Novel Tees Mpls MN 55403 612 338-1388

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Minnesotans enjoy talking about the weather.  The phrase "Nowhere Else But Minnesota" can often be overheard in dinners and taverns during early spring and late fall, when the weather can change drastically.  At these times of year, it can be sunny and in the sixties one day and cold and snowing the next.  Such is life in the great north woods.  This button humorously, but not too humorously, commemorates the hearty lives of 4.5 million Minnesotans and their fight for survival in the harsh and inhospitable Étoile du Nord.

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