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Official Good Egg

Official Good Egg Ice Breakers Button Museum
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Official Good Egg button back Ice Breakers Button Museum
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Illustration of a white egg with a smile, closed eyes, and a golden halo floating above the top of the egg. Black stenciled font text lies in the top center portion of the button. The illustration and text lies on a multi-colored striped background.  

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(stamped in the metal)

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"Good egg" and "bad egg" are common phrases to describe a person with appealing or unappealing characters. According to The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, the word egg came to reference a person because the oval shape of an egg resembles the human head. In American English, a good egg was originally an agricultural term dating back to Civil War times. It was an inversion of a bad egg which could not be marketed. Since then, "good egg" has come to mention a person with good character. The image of this button, manufactured by hallmark, is a humorous take-off on the concept of "good egg". The halo on top of the egg implies the heavenly character of the egg/person, whereas image of egg with horns and tails often refers to bad egg because it resembles the image of the devil. 

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