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Old Home Re-Union Ribbon

Old Home Re-Union Ribbon Event Button Museum
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Old Home Re-Union Ribbon button back Event Button Museum
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Illustration of a house with a grass yard and a tree behind it with black text above on a white background with outer red, then white then blue edge

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From August 30th through September 5th, 1908, Renovo, Pennsylvania held an Old Home Week festival. During this time, former residents who had moved away were encouraged to return “home” for the week to reunite with friends and family. Events in Renovo included a parade led by mounted police officers, fireworks, a “sham” battle, horse racing, and sparring exhibitions. Other events that might be included in Old Home Week were town dinners, local tours, and class and family reunions.

Old Home Week originated in New England in the late 19th century. It has since carried over to other parts of the country, although the focus of the festival has evolved over the years to celebrate local culture and history.


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