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Out the Door in '84

Out the Door in '84 Political Button Museum
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Out the Door in '84 button back Political Button Museum
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OUT THE DOOR IN '84 - Dump Reagan -
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white button with black and orange text around an orange circle behind a caricature of Ronald Reagan

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Ronald Reagan was the 40th president of the United States (1981-89). This button comes from the 1984 election where Reagan defeated Walter Mondale and won his second term. Reagan was famous for his supply-side economics, which led him to cut social programs and lower taxes. Critics argued that his economic programs were more favorable to the rich than to poor Americans. He also escalated the Cold War in the hopes of destroying the Soviet Union. Part of his escalation of the Cold War involved aiding anti-communist movements in Central America. During the 1984 election, opponents (like the people who made this button) protested Reagan's economic policies, including the growth of the deficit, his military involvement in Central America, his nuclear policy, and his environmental policies.

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