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Pan Am 747

Pan Am 747 Advertising Button Museum
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Pan Am 747 button back Advertising Button Museum
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Pan Am 747 1,000,000
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Blue and white illustration of an airplane with blue text above and below on a white background

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In the 1960s Pan Am approached Boeing to build a 400-seat plane, which became the 747. The first 747 was originally scheduled to take off on January 21, 1970, from John F Kennedy airport in New York. Due to issues with a door, cargo loading, and engines, the plane with its 336 passengers that had taxied away from the terminal returned. A substitute 747 arrived and took off on January 22 and safely landed at London Heathrow. This button from the early 1970s commemorates 1,000,000 miles flown by Pan Am's 747 fleet.  

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