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Pandemonium Green

Pandemonium Green Advertising Button Museum
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Pandemonium Green button back Advertising Button Museum
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Black text and black silhouette of a mustachioed man wearing a bowler hat on a green background

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(212) 382-2144 1407 BROADWAY N.Y.C. R.A. MITTY

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The Pandemonium clothing store on Broadway in New York City, sold women's sportswear in the 1980s-1990s. The Charlie Chaplin silhouette at the center of their logo was a store trademark.

Charlie Chaplin was an English filmmaker and actor who worked primarily in the silent movie era. He is known for his character "the Tramp" and for films such as The Gold Rush, Modern Times, City Lights, and The Great Dictator, which often combined slapstick comedy with social commentary. He received an honorary Academy Award in 1972 for his body of work. Chaplin died in 1977.


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