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Panty Waister

Panty Waister Ice Breakers Button Museum
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Panty Waister Ice Breakers Button Museum
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A cream background with the orange text on top and an illustration of a shirt and pants underneath

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The Pettibone Bros. Mfg, Co. Cincinnati, O. Union Bug 46 Uniform and Lodge Outfitters Badges, Flags, &c. 

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The term "panty waister" and the outfit shown on this pinback represent an item of clothing often worn by children in the early twentieth century. This clothing item was usually called a panty waist and consisted of a shirt and pants with snaps or buttons around the garments’ middles to allow easy access to diapers. It was also called a “union suit” if it had long pants (maybe with feet), or a “pantywaist” if it had shorts.

The Pettibone Bros. Mfg, Co. was founded by James and William Pettibone and was operated the in Cincinnati, Ohio. The brothers produced military and band uniforms, as well as uniforms for letter carriers and a variety of regalia items (swords, buttons etc.). 

The term panty waister or panty waist is also used as a mild slur to describe someone, often a man, who is feeble or an effeminate person. 

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