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Party Hearty

Party Hearty Ice Breakers Button Museum
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Party Hearty button back Ice Breakers Button Museum
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Black text over yellow background. 

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Party Hearty is a colloquialism for partying (drinking, dancing, eating, enjoying oneself, making merry) for a sustained time, perhaps late into the night. It is sometimes expressed as “party hardy” and while the two idioms have a similar intention, “hearty” implies doing something with one’s heart (with feelings and gusto), whereas “hardy” is based on hard, and implies extreme conditions such as excessive alcohol consumption. Party Hearty is the original expression and appeared in the American lexicon in the mid-1900s.

Victorian Std Regular is a font created by the International Typeface Corporation, founded in 1970 and known as one of the first type foundries to have no history of metal type production.


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