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Patton's Sun Proof Paints

Patton's Sun Proof Paints Advertising Button Museum
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Patton's Sun Proof Paints button back Advertising Button Museum
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A curiously human face made into a yellow sun floats in the center, its golden rays serving as background for the black text that cirlces the button. Thin brown, wood grain border around the edge. 

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Patton’s Sun-Proof Paints, available in ready-to-use or paste form, were the creation of Patton Paint Company of Milwaukee, WI. The family business was formed in 1900 to manufacture paints, oils, and varnishes. Patton’s Paints added silica to lead and zinc which was reported to ward off the atmospheric effects that cause lead paint to flake off. After founder James E. Patton’s death, his son Ludington continued the business pioneering profit-sharing systems, employee investment, and group insurance while he was at the helm. His oversaw the 1920 merger with Pittsburg Plate Glass and continued to manage the paint and varnish division of the consolidated company until his death.

Patton's used in-store advertising to promote their brand, and touted savings on the lids of its paint cans "A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned." The smiling sun was used often for branding "Sold at the Sign of the Sun" and "A Defiance of the Sun" to emphasize the durability of their paint against the sun's harmful affects.

Assorted archived company brochures, general information on how to make it, different kinds, includes warranty statement, classic factory photos

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