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Paul Simon for President

Paul Simon for President Political Button Museum
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Paul Simon for President button back Political Button Museum
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PAUL SIMON President '88
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White text on a blue background with an illustration of a bow tie with stars and stripes

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Paul Simon served in the United States Senate from 1984-1996.  In 1988, he sought to become the Democratic nominee for President. Easily recognized for his horned-rimmed glasses and bow tie, Simon was largely unknown outside his home state of Illinois.  He appeared on Saturday Night Live with musician Paul Simon (no relation), in an attempt to spur his campaign forward.  After the Wisconsin primary, where he finished behind Al Gore, Jesse Jackson, and Michael Dukakis, Simon dropped out of the race.  He then endorsed Michael Dukakis, who won the nomination.  An early supporter of Barack Obama, Simon passed away in late 2003.  An ad his daughter made for television was later deemed to be a major factor in Obama’s 2004 Illinois Senate Democratic primary victory.

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