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Penney's Back To School Days

Penney's Back To School Days Advertising Button Museum
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Penney's Back To School Days buttonb back Advertising Button Museum
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Red text over black and white photograph of a young girl and boy skipping happily and carrying lunchboxes.

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Parisian Novelties Chicago

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Penney’s, J. C. Penney, or simply jpc, is the company founded by James Cash Penney in 1912-3. Prior to this, the 34 stores he ran had the brand “Golden Rule” which originated as frontier town dry goods stores. The first store opened in 1902 in Wyoming, reaching its peak in 1973 with 2,053 stores.

His stores were among the first retailers to offer "one price for all" instead of haggling which was common. Interestingly, after 110 years in business the chain became known for offering deep discounts and regular sales such as Penney's Back to School Days.

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