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Pennsylvania Railroad

Pennsylvania Railroad Advertising Button Museum
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Pennsylvania Railroad button back Button Museum
Pennsylvania Railroad Ad. 1944
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Large yellow interlocking text in a red keystone on a white background.

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The Pennsylvania Railroad was based out of Philadelphia and was founded in 1846. It would not only become one of the largest railroads in United States history, it would also be the first railroad to use steel-bodied cars and include the vestibule. The initial goal of the railroad was to connect Philadelphia with the cities in the west (Chicago, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Cleveland.) Furthermore, the Pennsylvania Railroad was also responsible for constructing many railroad stations; including Penn Station in New York, Union Station in Chicago, and Union Station in Washington D.C. to name a few. The railroad continued to expand until it hit some financial difficulties in the 1970s. Even though the Pennsylvania Railroad declared bankruptcy it still remains one of the largest railroads in the world. The railroad also helped to stimulate industrialization and growth in the United States. 

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