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Provident National Bank

Provident National Bank Advertising Button Museum
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Provident National Bank button back button museum
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White background. Black and white text. A thin rectangular black line goes around two overlapping circles - one orange, one beige.

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This button is a promotion for Provident National Bank's credit card - The Master Charge card.
Provident National Bank was officially founded in 1957 when Provident Trust Company of Philadelphia and Provident Tradesmens Bank & Trust Company merged. The Provident Trust Company has roots dating back to 1922 in a parent company called Provident Life & Trust Company which itself dates back to 1865. Originally the Provident Life & Trust Company was founded by Quakers and informally referred to as "The Quaker Bank". 
In 1983 the company took on its modern incarnation when Pittsburgh National Bank and Provident National Bank merged. With this merger PNC Financial Corp. or as it is commonly known "PNC" was born. PNC was one of the first banks to introduce a credit card, and was/is one of the first and main users of online banking today. 

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