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Pump It Up! Reebok

Pump It Up! Reebok Advertising Button Museum
Text on Button: 
PUMP IT UP! Reebok®
Image Description: 

Indigo text and Reebok logo within basketball outline on a coral background.

Back Paper / Back Info: 

.90 [in permanent marker?]

Back Style: 
The Shape: 
The Size: 
Year / Decade Made: 
Additional Information: 

Reebok’s “The Pump” was a line of high-top basketball shoes released on November 24, 1989.  At the time of release, The Pump cost $170, the highest priced sneaker on the market by $70.  The model quickly became popular in the 1990s.  The artist Gary Simmons immortalized the shoe in his 1991 piece titled “Pump It Up”, featuring bronzed Reebok sneakers on a plexiglass shelf.


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