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Quayle President's Prayer Club

Quayle President's Prayer Club Political Button Museum
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Quayle President's Prayer Club button back Political Button Museum
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President's Prayer Club - Keep George Healthy
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Black and white photograph of Dan Quayle with white text above and below on a red background.

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During his time as vice president, Dan Quayle was ridiculed for his perceived incompetence and his confusing and humourous public statements. A tongue-in-cheek organization called the "President's Prayer Club" sold T-shirts and buttons with the motto "Keep George Healthy", warning that Quayle would have been the next in line for the presidency if George H.W. Bush could no longer hold the office. In 1990, the second year of Quayle's vice presidency, the Center for Media and Public Affairs reported that he became the subject of the most late-night talk show jokes.

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