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Reach for a Rainbow Today

Reach for a Rainbow Today Ice Breakers busy beaver button museum
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Reach for a Rainbow Today back Ice Breakers busy beaver button museum
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Reach for a rainbow today
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Image of a sunshine and rainbow in center with white cloud at bottom. Black text on white area.

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Rainbows are often celebrated LGBTQIA symbols since the 1970s, although origins in mythology date to Hebrew text, The Bible, and Norse texts, regarding the Bifrost. Apple computers also used a rainbow in their logo from 1977-1998. LGBTQ Institutions such as the Mazer Lesbian Archives house this button in their Button Collection under LGBT (miscellaneous). The phrase “reach for a rainbow” echo’s the motivational phrase “reach for the stars” and can be interpreted as a call to embrace queer identities.

Russ Berrie & Company is a novelty gift retailer known for its plush bears and figurines.


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