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Rickey Hendon

Rickey Hendon Political Button Museum
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Rickey Hendon button back Political Button Museum
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Illustration of the head and shoulders of a man wearing a suit on a red, brown, yellow and green striped background with black text

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This is a button supporting Rickey R. Hendon’s successful 1991 campaign for Alderman of the 27th Ward of Chicago, IL. Chicago’s 27th Ward encompasses portions of downtown, the West Loop and west side of the city. Prior to running for Alderman, Hendon was appointed as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Cook County Forest Preserve by former Cook County Board President George Dunn. Hendon served one year as Alderman, and then launched a successful campaign for State Senator of Illinois’ 5th District. Hendon served in the Illinois State Senate from 1992 to 2011.

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