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Roller Skating Couple

Roller Skating Couple Art Button Museum
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Roller Skating Couple button back Art Button Museum
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An illustration of a man and woman roller skating together. The man is wearing a suit and the woman is wearing a dress. The illustration is outlined in blue, the background is white, and there is a red border around the button.

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Nat'l Badge Emblem Co. 872 B'way, N.Y. There is a stamp with "157" in a circle and an "Allied Printers Trades Councils" union logo.

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Roller skates were invented by the Germans, in the late 1840s. During the 1940s, after the war, roller skating was a way to bring people together becoming known as a family activity that provided fitness, socialization and fun. Skating rink owners would hold contests in dance and figure skating. In 1970, there was a boom in roller skating industry with the Disco Era. 

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