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Save A Watt

Save A Watt Cause Button Museum
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Save A Watt button back Cause Button Museum
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save a watt (it's wise to conserve energy)
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Black text on white background

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This button supported Consolidated Edison of New York's energy-saving campaign from the 1970s. Energy companies tried to reduce the demand on their power plants by using existing technology and promoting conservation instead of simply buiiklding new plants. Con Editson's "Save a Watt" campaign was a part of this strategy aimed at electricity consumers, which continued through the oil crisis of the mid-1970s. Con Edison’s history as an electricity provider dates to 1882, when Thomas Edison's company supplied electricity to 59 customers in Manhattan.


Hirsh, Richard F. (1989). Technology and transformation in the American electric utility industry. Cambridge University Press; Cambridge, UK.

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