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Scandanavians for President Nixon

Scandanavians for President Nixon Political Button Museum
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Scandanavians for President Nixon button back Political Button Museum
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Scandanavians for President Nixon
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Red and blue text on a white background

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(can't see the text completely)

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Despite a failed presidential campaign in 1960, Nixon successfully ran again in 1968, becoming the 37th President of the United States. Prior to his presidency, Nixon served as a Republican representative in the House and a Senate. This button was used to promote Nixon among America’s Scandinavian population during his 1972 re-election campaign. Nixon won re-election by a record landslide, beating Democratic opponent George McGovern. 

Although Nixon initially escalated America's involvement in the Vietnam War, he did manage to bring home the majority of US troops by 1973. As the Watergate scandal erupted in mid-1973, Nixon—facing certain impeachment, lack of support from his own party, and criminal charges—had no choice but to resign. On August 9th, 1974, Nixon became the only president in American history to resign from office. Nixon's vice president, Gerald Ford, pardoned Nixon from criminal charges once he assumed the presidency. Nixon died at the age of eighty-four from a severe stroke in 1994. 

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