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Scranton for President

Scranton for President Political Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Scranton for President back Political Busy Beaver Button Museum
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William Scranton was a longtime Republican politician, who served as both a Governor to Pennsylvania and as an ambassador representing the United States in the United Nations. Scranton is known for his bipartisan appeal and would blur the line between liberal and conservative. He was in favor of social and civil rights issues such as increasing minimum wage, increasing aid to at-risk children, and making access to education easier. At the same time, he was fiscal conservative in matters relating to taxes and government spending.

Scranton became a late addition to the 1964 Presidential election, initially resisting advice to join the fray. Unfortunately for Scranton, by the time he did join, Barry Goldwater had already secured a sizable lead. His campaign became undone when a staffer wrote and published a letter highly criticizing Goldwater, but signed it as Scranton. This damaged Scranton’s reputation in the Republican party and Goldwater secured the nomination easily.


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