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The Shape of Things to Come VW

The Shape of Things to Come VW Advertising Button Museum
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The Shape of Things to Come VW button back Advertising Button Museum
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Black text over a line drawing on a white background

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This button was part of a Volkswagen (VW) advertising campaign from 1971. In the ad, predictions were made about the future of the VW Bug including the Bug's longevity and ongoing popularity. 

Volkswagen is a German car company headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. Founded in 1937, Volkswagens were built to stimulate the German economy and foster national pride. Adolf Hitler ordered the car's production and made it available to all citizens of the Third Reich through a savings plan that would make the car about the same price as a motorcycle. After WWII, Volkswagen became a symbol of West Germany regeneration and in 1949, the first VW was sold in the United States.


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