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Slurpee Kiss Me

Slurpee Kiss Me  I heart button museum
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Slurpee Kiss Me button back I heart button museum
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Red heart below blue text, under white text encircled by blue border over white background. 

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Union Bug

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"Kiss Me You Fool" was the name of a Slurpee flavor in the late 1960s. Slurpee is exclusively a 7-Eleven product that was introduced in the stores in 1965 after 7-Eleven made a deal with the ICEE company to sell the drink under a different name. The Slurpee was an instant success thanks to clever marketing strategies like psychedelic swirled cups and even a 45 RPM promotional record called, "Dance the Slurp."

The 7-Eleven franchise started in 1928, when Joe C. Thompson Jr. bought an ice plant and opened several storefronts selling items that were kept cold by the ice. Through the Great Depression, the stores fell on hard times, but rebounded in 1946 with the new operating hours, 7 am to 11 pm, and grew to 100 franchised locations by the 1950s. 

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