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Socialist Workers Party

Socialist Workers Party Cause Button Museum
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Socialist Workers Party button back Cause Button Museum
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Black text on an orange background. 

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N.Y. OFFICE-706 BROADWAY 8th FL. NYC 10003 212-982-4966

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The Socialist Workers Party (SWP) (1938- ) has run a candidate for US President in every election since 1948. In 2012, James Harris and Maura DeLuca were the SWP's candidates for president and vice president, respectively. They received slightly over four thousand votes. The SWP received its highest vote total in the 1976 election with over ninety-six thousand votes. The SWP adheres to Trotskyism, which holds that class-conscious members of proletariat have an obligation to education less-conscious members about "the struggle of the working class" through democratic measures. They often do this via the free press. 

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